Projects & Collaborations

365 Calendar

Our calendars are made in the same way as the foldable sculptures but this time our focus was object interaction, and less about the making. The accuracy and intricacy of the etching process makes the calendars compact yet clear. The joy of using them comes from the ritual of marking each day. Future events can be marked, this can be done with a full fold or half fold, perhaps signifying a less important event.

There are two types of calendar – folded and flat.  The folded arrives flat, and you fold into the triangular form. Then insert the end caps, folding the corners locking everything together. We will supply a folding tool that docks with the end caps.  

The flat calendar arrives fully assembled. Made from a etch sheet bonded to an injection moulded backing. Hidden within are two powerful neodymium magnets, allowing the calendar to be fridge mounted. The backing prevents denting of surfaces when pushing the folding tool through a day tab. It also stiffens the whole thing. We supply a folding tool which also acts as a kick stand for freestanding use. The tool nests at the top when on a fridge or noticeboard.  

Asian Elephant

Elephant Family is a small dynamic NGO on a mission to save a forgotten species from extinction. They look out for both elephants and human families, funding pioneering solutions such as elephant corridors. http://elephant-family.org/
We developed an elephant especially for Elephant Family 

BrandZ Award

We made an award for the BRANDZ top 100 global awards.