Design of Poligon

Poligon is a collection of foldable metal sculptures inspired by the animal kingdom which you sculpt into their final shape yourself

How do you sculpt them?

We've created a collection of animal sculptures inspired by some of the most wonderful creatures on earth. We have taken their form and simplified it, whilst keeping their identity intact. We then take these 3D forms and develop them into foldable metal sculptures. The metal sculptures arrive in flat sheet form. 


The individual components are chemically etched to produce perfectly cut parts. We have also etched in fold lines which makes it very easy to achieve great results.

Magnetic Assembly

Magnets are fixed onto each sheet so that the individual elements of the sculpture are rapidly assembled to make the final piece. We have developed the process into something that can be achieved by hand, with no additional tools.


We have worked on simplifying the folding process as much as possible and even though the pieces can be folded in several ways, we developed a series of instructions ( both in video and a printed version), to illustrate the easiest way to fold them.

Etching & Manufacturing

We use a process called photo chemical machining (also known as photo etching). It is a chemical milling process used to fabricate sheet metal components using a photoresist and etchant to corrosively machine away selected areas. The process is amazing to watch – flat metal sheets are covered with a chemical resistive film. The film is super precise – covering areas you want to keep. 

This is actually an ancient method for very intricate detailing done on metal. Chemical etching was used regularly in Europe during the fifteenth century when it was used to decorate suits of armour. The earliest reference to this process describes an etchant made from common salt, vinegar and charcoal acting through a hand scribed mask of linseed oil paint. The process is still used for decoration but advances in accuracy mean it is used in a wide variety of applications from the automotive industry - to the space industry - to air filtration (you can etch thin sheet so finely that it can filter air!)

We fell in love with the process because it doesn't require very expensive tooling but gives highly accurate results on beautiful metals. It really has freed up our creative thinking and these sculptures are just the beginning of numerous projects we have in mind.